Modern Impressionist

St. Pancras Grand Champagne Bar

oil painting of St Pancrass Grand Champagne Bar London
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Oil on Canvas: 130 x 90cm

I went to the newly refurbished St Pancras station specifically looking for painting ideas. It's an amazing building to start with and they have done a lovely job. However, from my narrow painter point of view, all the shops and bustle on the ground floor is separated from the majestic roof structure by lots of obstructions. So while the beauty of the upstairs is missed by many as it's not generally on the way, the result is a peaceful level that somehow feels detached from the bumping crowds below.

Here you'll find the Grand Champagne bar from which I've painted the outside kiosk. There is a large indoor area too which has a sense of what the British Empire once was. That's on my list to paint - it's certainly Grand. In this painting I wanted to capture a sense of calm that presides upstairs at St Pancras with a mixture of the warm colour from the bricks and sky glow from the impressive roof structure. There are few people milling about, sorting their suitcases, sipping champagne and admiring the architecture. I liked the station.


  English (UK)