Modern Impressionist

Broad Court Ballet

Oil Painting Btoard Court Ballet Dancer
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Oil on Canvas: 80 x 80cm

When I was on Bow Street preparing to paint the Royal Opera House I also made a sketch of Broad Court, the home of the Young Dancer statue. The statue of the ballet dancer is rather small since it's life size but that's part of its appeal; it hides in the backdrop that is London as do so many treasures you need to keep a sharp eye out to see. I'd been past this Court on the way to Covent Garden or Soho so many times and never seen the statue before. It's one reason I like pottering around cities looking for painting ideas; I see things I would usually walk past. In addition to the statue there are also 5 old fashioned red telephone boxes and replica gas lamps which help to give the scene a sentimental atmosphere and warm the area with soft lighting. Although I've depicted a rather dreary London evening I decided it wasn't miserable, but rather cosy and warm. I rather like autumnal London scenes.

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