Modern Impressionist

Havana, Cuba. Day 1 On Calle Industria At My Casa Particular

Cuba Havana casa particular industria SML
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Oil on Canvas: 100 x 70cm

In May last year I had a fantastic time travelling through Cuba. It was a magical month, friendly, interesting, colourful and of course like everywhere in the world, not without its problems. I arrived at my Casa Particular at 4am to find the landlady waiting for me and apparently happy to see me. With my SpanGlish we had a nice chat and I headed for bed not really knowing where in Havana I was. I woke to find I was 2 blocks from the sea and 1 block from the Prada on a street called Industria; a fantastic location to start my 10 days of wondering in Havana before moving further into the country.

This painting is from the door step of the Casa Particular looking away from the sea. Although the majestic buildings are crumbling and the living conditions for most are not great, Havana has a special feel. You are transported to a different era, where the internet and TV don't really figure, neighbours are out chatting at midnight and children playing in the street. The changes that will inevitably come will be good and bad but from a travellers point of view, it's likely Havana will lose some of the individuality that makes it so interesting.

In the coming series of paintings I'm capturing my memories of that very special 5 week trip.


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