Modern Impressionist

A Hot Afternoon in Naples

Marcus Krackowizer Modern Impressionist
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Oil on Canvas: 150 x 114cm

If you're interested to see what I was painting during the video I released in November, here's a link to the video in case you haven't seen it. So that I wasn't a perpetual silhouette in the video the camera man from Cinesaibai Productions needed a lot of light, hence the painting seemed to lack colour due to being flooded with stage lights. This was a shame as it was the basis of my commentary in the video. Saying that, the Galleria Umberto in Naples, while being an amazingly grand and impressive shopping mall, isn't all that colourful.

It was a very hot day in August that I walked about Naples and decided to sit and watch the world go shopping inside the Galleria. It has a dusty feel, built from stone that has a brown/yellow colour (in fact Naples Yellow) and although grand, felt tired. I really liked it and planned 3 paintings while I had my rum baba and espresso. Below is the first and you can decide if I've captured that slightly edgy buzz that makes Naples different

It's a reasonably big painting at 150cm across so at this scale some of the characters of the people in the foreground are lost. I’ve added a few close-ups as usual to make it easier to browse. When you get closer you'll see a mixture of glamorous women mix with overheating tourists all small figures under the cathedral roof. I hope you enjoy it.

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