Modern Impressionist

A Summer Weekend in Brighton

Marcus Krackowizer Modern Impressionist
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Oil on Canvas: 180 x 100cm

As the excitement of the Christmas holidays fades into rainy January days, it casts my mind to summer holidays and get-togethers with friends. Each year my old school friends and I arrange a few days where we can eat and drink too much as well as remind each other of old stories as well as create new ones. I look forwards to it every year and last year we met in Brighton. It was sunny and with a cool breeze, I managed to get a tan, even slightly burnt. It was great and I decided to try and capture the excitement I felt when I first arrived at Brighton Train Station.

The station is a familiar ironwork construction but has a less common curve as you look down the track. It's really lovely and this painting shows what it would be like (I imagine at least) if the ticket barriers and electronic signs were not in place. At 180cm wide it's an immersive painting, the size helping reflect the buzz of our long weekend and the very colourful atmosphere of Brighton. At ground level I added some abstract splatters; odd and vibrant colours to emphasize just how full of colour and variety Brighton is.

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