Modern Impressionist

On How Light Falls

Abstract Contemporary Painting
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Acrylic on Canvas: 200 x 140cm

Welcome to another of my medium–ish sized paintings. At 200 x 140 it is quite big but I have plans afoot to go Tate Modern size soon. Watch that space. But now I am getting ahead of myself. In this painting I wanted to create a sea of colour but with a cloud like property in that shapes go in and out of focus. It's not a big step away from the style I usually paint in but clearly not a cityscape. Although mostly an abstract painting I imagined a series of pyramids and inverted pyramids to place the shadows and reflections. From this beginning I though you could fill in any blanks and depending how close you are to, it would change what you saw and in how much detail. I used an extravagant amount of paint even on my standards so it has a really luscious finish.

I hope you enjoy it.


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