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General Terms of this site

Me or I (M. Krackowizer) refers to the individual who is taking responsibility for the art gallery and the managing of sales. ArtWork refers to all the crafted work that can be found on, including original paintings and prints.

  • Customers are responsible for reviewing and ensuring I (M. Krackowizer) receive the complete and correct address information for shipping purposes.
  • Payment is required in full prior to processing orders.
  • Stretched and mounted prints apply to canvas prints only.
  • Stretched canvas prints will be stapled on the back of the frame with the printed area covering the facing surface of the canvas. The sides are coloured to allow immediate framing.
  • Relief prints will take a week longer to deliver than standard prints due to the extended drying time.
Privacy & Security
Any and all the information collected on this site is for billing and delivery purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential. It will not be sold, reused, rented, disclosed or loaned. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me (+44 (0)2071932052) or email me.
Returns & Replacements

Customer satisfaction is paramount with me (M. Krackowizer). In all cases I will try to ensure that all customers receive the service they deserve. In some instances it may be necessary for me (M. Krackowizer) to replace or refund damage prints. Below are general guidelines that I (M. Krackowizer) follow in servicing my customers.

Notice of damaged merchandise must be submitted to me (M. Krackowizer) in writing within 72 hours upon documented delivery date by the shipping courier. Damaged artwork needs to be returned to Me (M. Krackowizer) for inspection before refunds or replacements can be submitted. In some instances,and upon my discretion, I (M. Krackowizer) may waiver this requirement. Upon contacting me (M. Krackowizer) further details on replacement procedures will be provided.

I (M. Krackowizer) am not responsible for damage accrued to artwork after they have been delivered and caused by the customer or a third party. Third parties may include but is not limited to framers, retail establishments, or a third party customer.

Grounds that are not acceptable reasons for replacement or refund include but are not limited to differences in color tones or hues than expected, substrate properties, smudging, fingerprints or scratches that occur due to your handling, direct exposure to the elements such as heat and moisture, late deliveries or incorrectly submitted shipping addresses.

I (M. Krackowizer) am not liable for damage or injury to items, animals or people caused by the artwork due to negligent, reckless, knowing or intentional actions by any person. By purchasing from me (M. Krackowizer), the customer assumes all responsibility for damages or injuries caused by the artwork once it reaches its shipping destination. I (M. Krackowizer) am not responsible for lost or damaged property shipped to me (M. Krackowizer) for evaluation or production work.
Shipping & Delivery
I (M. Krackowizer) usually will have orders completed and delivered within 5 to 15 business days. Factors that may delay delivery of an order within that time frame may include weather, order size, equipment malfunctions, or disaster. Customers that have not received their orders within 15 business days may contact me (M. Krackowizer) for an order status check. Rush orders may be available during certain times of the year and accrue additional production and shipping charges. Contact me (M. Krackowizer) to discuss placing a rush order. International orders may take longer than 5 to 15 working days and is dependent upon the shipping schedule of the courier used. Shipping charges may be based upon the total amount of an order in order to cover cost of parcel weight, size, destination and packaging.
Import duties are not covered by the cost and would need to be paid at your local customs. Please be sure to understand the local regulations to you before ordering.
Limited Edition Prints

I have decided that any print on canvas that is the original size will be a limited edition print. For any 1 painting I will not release more than 5 limited editions and no edition will be a repeat of an earlier edition.

Limited Edition Certificate by Marcus Krackowizer

The text on the Limited Edition Certificate states

This numbered edition is from an authentic single limited publication.
It is produced using the method of ‘Pigmenta Fine Art Print’; high quality print by pigmented inks on long lasting medium and is approved, signed and numbered by the artist,
To ensure the integrity of the edition, all origination, files and test copies are destroyed on completion.
The artist and publisher hereby affirm the authenticity of this limited edition with this certificate.
This certificate is valid together with the same serialised holographic sticker on the fine art print only.

For security reasons, in most instances the certificate will be sent separately to the print. Once you have both print and certificate you can cross check that the 2 hologrames (one on each) match.

Elements within this Terms of Service policy are subject to change without notice and at the discretion of M. Krackowizer, the owner of this site.

I reserve the right to refuse any sale or commission.

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